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Former Gates Chili coach sentenced to prison time | Crime

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Former Gates Chili coach sentenced to prison time
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Former Gates Chili coach sentenced to prison time

Former Gates Chili Boys Basketball Coach Monte Nowden was sentenced Wednesday after pleading guilty last month to third degree rape involving a student.

Judge Alex Renzi told the court Wednesday that Nowden took advantage of his position of power for his own sexual gratification and sentenced him to one and a half years in prison. Nowden admitted to having sex with a 16-year-old girl in February while the two were at Tinseltown Movie Theater. 

The family of the both the victim and Nowden were in the courtroom. The victim’s mother told everyone how this has torn apart her family.

Monte Nowden stood next to his attorney and looked straight ahead throughout the entire sentencing. When Judge Renzi asked if he had anything to say he respectful declined. He didn’t even turn around when the victim’s mother got up to speak to the court.

Amanda Balling, Assistant District Attorney, said, “I think listening to it was probably hard on everyone in the courtroom. She expressed some of the things that happened immediately after the initial incident and arrest on February 6, 2012 such as her daughter having to leave school. She was bullied, threatened, ostracized and wasn't able to return to Gates-Chili High School." 

The victim’s mother said her daughter refused to talk about what happened between her and Nowden, telling her, “I’ll tell you when I’m 18.” She says she would catch her daughter having conversations using a cell phone that she never bought here. When she asked the teen where she got it, the teen told her a friend. 

A few months after the arrest, legal documents were released to the media by Nowden’s attorney that said the teen had recanted her statements to police and was saying the two never had sex. 

Balling said, “I found those letters to be so suspect because of what we knew was going on in the background.” 

Just days later, Nowden was arrested again for violating the order of protection in place for the teen. 

Balling said, “He was arrested again for alleged criminal contempt in the second degree when he was caught in the same vehicle with her. So it is our position that that manipulation continued, and was the reason for the recantation. 

The victim’s mom says after that arrest, her daughter became extremely upset and even ran away for a few days. The teen has since moved out and is now living with other family members. The mother told the court room no amount of jail time will repay what Nowden took from her daughter and their family. 

Nowden’s defense attorney spoke to News10NBC after the sentencing. He said Nowden will most likely be out of prison by next August.

Crime, News, People

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