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Maggie Brooks announces run for Congress | News

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Maggie Brooks announces run for Congress
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Maggie Brooks announces run for Congress

County Executive Maggie Brooks received a standing ovation Monday morning as she announced the start of her run for Congress.

Brooks made it official today; she is running for Congress again Louise Slaughter.

News10NBC is told Brooks made up her mind late last week when she realized the new proposed district encompassing Monroe County was going to stick. It was a difficult decision because it affects her family—this is the second major campaign in two years.

At a 10 a.m. news conference Monday Maggie Brooks said, “Some would say this is the worst kept secret in Monroe County but today I am announcing officially my intention to run for the United States House of Representatives.”

Brooks says running for Congress is a natural progression especially since the new district is mostly Monroe County but the decision wasn't easy for her or her family and she singled out her husband this morning. “Bob, we've had a lot of interesting conversations over the past few days but you know what? This is a guy who always believes that I can get the job done. So thank you for believing in me as we start this incredible journey.”

Brooks' husband -- Bob Wisner -- admits the campaigns are a strain on the family. “It's tough on the family. It's tough everyday when you pick up the newspaper or you see a story that you know is not exactly the way it happened.”

But last week, he signed off. “You know what? She is very good at being herself and I think that's why she got to where she is.”

Brooks just won re-election to a third and final term as County Executive last year. If she wins -- she'd be a freshman congresswoman.

Former congressman Tom Reynolds doesn't see that as a problem. “I think Maggie’s 15 years of public service in Monroe County will arm her very well to take a seat in Congress and never miss a beat”

Brooks said, “It's time to take the Monroe County success story to Washington. It's time to show the country what they can learn from our county.”

Within hours of Brooks' announcement this morning, News10NBC started to get reaction from democrats, locally and nationally, showing just how competitive this race will be.

Monroe County Democratic Party Chair Joe Morelle said, "Maggie Brooks says Congress can learn from her example in Monroe County. If by that she means higher taxes, long-term deficits resulting from one-shot budget gimmicks, political patronage and an endless string of scandals, then she's right.”

Late Monday morning, Congresswoman Louise Slaughter released a statement saying. “Representing your neighbors in Congress is a great honor and it is a responsibility that must be taken seriously. I am running for Congress because there’s more work to do on behalf of Monroe County. Our fight is not yet over to end insider trading in Congress and demand more accountability in our political system, to make our food supply safe for American families, and fix the trade policies that have left our local manufacturers competing on an unlevel playing field. As I’ve stated publicly many times, I am again asking for the support of my friends and neighbors to continue being your representative in Congress. We must continue the fight to fix the trade policies that have left our local manufacturers competing on an unlevel playing field and I am doing just that with the Reciprocal Market Access Act. By working with the local small business community and attracting new companies to our unique region, especially regional assets like the Eastman Business Park as I’ve been doing, we will ensure growth and prosperity. It is a great honor to serve in Congress and I know that together there’s more we can and must accomplish.”

Click here to watch Brooks announce her candidacy
Click here to watch reaction from Former Republican Congressman Tom Reynolds
Click here to watch reaction from Brooks' husband, Bob Wisner

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